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Q & A

Feel Free to ask us any question regarding our Service,Training Center or Our Staff , we will post Frequently asked question here.

Is Your Class Beginner Friendly ?

Yes we are ! Our class is open for all level , wether it's your first day of Training (we will Start from Basic) or you already had Related Experiences , All are Welcome !


Is there any Age limit to Join ?

Our Kids class is open for Minimum Age 5 to Age 13 ,while Our Adult Class is Open From Age 14 and beyond which is limitless (as long as you can handle the Training Intensity) and have no problem doing so,then we Welcome You !


Will there be any Sparring Session Included ?

Yes there is ! but Sparring Training is optional for all member as its contact training so there is a risk of Injuries for Member thus we make it optional which the training will be replaced with Drills if Member choose not to Take part in Sparring


Do you guys Provide any Competition Opportunities ?

Currently we are not sending any fighter to Competition but we have no issue if Member decide to Join Competition by their Own while Training with Us.

(Joining as Individual Fighter)

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