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Western Boxing Class

Unleased Your Inner Warrior !

We OFFER Pure Westen Boxing Class that Focus on the "Art of Sweet Science".


-Footwork,Quick Hand speed, Head Movement/Defensive Skills,So-called " Boxing ".


-So Lets Put On Your Boxing Boots and You Could Be The Next Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali !

Muay Thai Class

Art of 8 Limbs

Ever Fancy Learn How to Fight Using Thailand Most Famous Martial art,Muay Thai? Then Join Us,Our Coach Will Guide you Through on How to Effectively Train And Fight Using Your Elbow,Knees,Fist & Legs. Wether you wish to Take it Up as part of your Training Plan , Self Defence Skills or Even looking to Join a Professional Competition,We Got You !


-You Bring the Will,We Teach the Skills.


Kids Fitness Class

Basic Muaythai / Boxing & Fitness Training

Keep Your Kids Active while Learning the Fundamentals Of Boxing & Muay Thai Techniques for Self Defence 

Our Class is Now Officially Open for Registration,Limited slot only due to class size Limit for the Reason of Better Focus.

Drop us dm today for More Enquiries !

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